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Once You Have Decided

 Once you have decided Jitawi Center for contract work, the next steps are simple enough:

Step 1: Let us know what kind of work you are interested in having us to do. We will then send you samples of our previous work in this area

Step 2: After you have examined our work, we will request to work on a short pilot project. This will be a very reasonably priced short term project that will prove we are capable of satisfying your programming needs. Our experience has shown this step to be instrumental in building the foundations of a strong, professional and lasting business relationship.

Step 3: Upon completion of the pilot project, we will anticipate a formal project order. As we become familiar with the details of your project, we will request that you provide the E-mail address of an individual(s) to whom our programmers may direct questions.

Step 4: We will submit a feasible completion deadline and price. A payment schedule can then be worked out on a per project basis. Generally, 20% down is standard. The remaining payments will coincide with completion by JITAWI CENTER of prearranged milestones.

The more details, the better…

Obviously, the more detailed the better! Our programming staff is very competent and has a great deal of expertise. Therefore we don't require a great deal of background information. However, we would like a document which thoroughly describes the user interface, data structures, and platform requirements, supported languages, sample screen images, etc. This is an iterative process and we are always able to nail down what we need by a few rounds of meeting with the client.

What deliverables do we supply…?

As described in our profile, payments to us come at scheduled milestones as work is completed. We will provide you with examples of the work completed to date for you to review. At that time, we can discuss changes which are required or modifications to the original design specs. You are welcome to discuss this with us at any time during the project.  On completion of the job we will provide you with full source, technical documentation and development notes from our programming staff. We expect to receive acceptance or a detailed list of exceptions within seven days of submitting the completed work. Final payment should follow at that time. We guarantee that the product will work as per the agreed on design specs.

 Bug fixes and …

We will fix at no charge to you any bugs brought to our attention which deviate from the agreed on design specs. Bugs which are due to omissions in the design specs will be fixed on a T & M basis. We will be delighted to provide maintenance for all work we have done on a T & M basis.

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