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Jitawi Center Solutions integrate best-of-breed technologies with unique deployment methods for maximum performance and scalability. With expertise in turnkey solutions, complex database systems and all leading environments including Linux, Jitawi Center develops tools and platforms for e-Business and data management, mining and analysis.

Jitawi Center offers expertise and proven experience in a wide range of software-based, data-driven solutions. Offering innovation as well as excellent return on investment, Jitawi Center solutions include:

Providing highest scalability and most accurate and sophisticated personalization to B2B and B2C environments through advanced e-Business and e-commerce solutions.

Business Intelligence

A leader in data warehousing solutions, Jitawi Center custom-builds robust, large-scale systems for the sophisticated warehousing, retrieval and analysis of mission-critical data.

From needs analysis to ongoing support, Jitawi Center develops
end-to-end solutions for even the largest and most complex system needs. Jitawi Center also out sources complete MIS services.

Application Integration

Jitawi Center has experience in the development and management of enterprise legacy systems, on one hand, and interfacing major applications and communication protocols, on the other. Jitawi Center integrates vast amounts of disparate, unrefined data into reusable information assets.
Jitawi Center enables customers to easily collect, validate, organize, administer and deliver information assets to realize more value from their enterprise information, reducing costs and increasing profitability.

Network Infrastructure

Communicating and sharing information is one of the most crucial activities in any company.  Your network infrastructure consists of equipment, connections and components such as firewalls, switches and routers that allow your systems to communicate with each other and the outside world.

At Jitawi Center, we create network systems that operate in an efficient and secure manner.  From planning to installing, we can create a network infrastructure that’s perfect for your company’s needs.

Cyber Security

Jitawi Center provides services that form an integral part of an organisations infrastructure and can help secure your organisation or company against a cyber attack. These attacks on business networks increased by an alarming 62% in 2013, and we can help by providing cyber security analysis reporting, penetration testing, cyber security policy reviews, vulnerability assessments, compliance, auditing, consultancy, risk management and training employees to be more cyber security aware. Join the growing number of companies you don’t hear about in the press for the wrong reasons since working with us on their cyber security projects. 

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